Camerons Brewery

In Collaboration With A Highly Esteemed And Long-standing Customer, FPP Successfully Executed The Installation Of The New De-alc Plant At Camerons Brewery.

In collaboration with a highly esteemed and long-standing customer, FPP successfully executed the installation of the new De-Alc plant at Camerons Brewery. This project constituted a pivotal component within a broader on-site program.

FPP meticulously adhered to a rigorous delivery and offloading schedule, methodically placing equipment to an on-site holding area before precisely selecting and installing each item. To facilitate the rotation and precise positioning of vessels within the skid unit, FPP expertly executed multiple tandem lifts, navigating through a complex network of overhead obstructions.

Throughout the project’s execution, FPP ensured the seamless continuity of brewery operations by coordinating the ingress of equipment in accordance with the production timetable.
We are delighted to report the successful completion of this endeavor, with the utmost satisfaction of our valued customer.

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