Transportation & Logistics

Factory Plant Projects offers a wide range of transportation and logistics solutions throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond. Our services range from drop side, tail lift vehicles to four axle low loader vehicles to accommodate the smallest to the largest abnormal loads.

Nationwide Machinery Transportation Services

Quite often the services we carry out also require specialised transport as an essential ingredient and to this end, we have our own STGO Category 2 HGV’s with multiple trailer types and lorry loader crane vehicles. This way the nightmare of ‘no show’ or ‘late arrival’ vehicles are eliminated when ordered as part of ‘your plan’ as they are directly under our own control.

We are also available to offer a Nationwide ‘transportation only’ service should this be your wish. We are able to supply Load Notification orders (wide, heavy, and high) to facilitate the nationwide movement of abnormal loads. This may, where necessary, include escort assistance, which we can provide.


Factory Plant can help
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Equipment Assessment: The first step involves a thorough assessment of the load to be transported. This includes evaluating its size, weight, dimensions, fragility, and any special handling requirements.

Logistics Planning: Creating a detailed logistics plan is crucial. This plan outlines the route, transportation method (road, rail, sea, or air), scheduling, required permits, and any potential obstacles or challenges along the way.

Packaging and Securement: Machinery must be properly packaged and secured to prevent damage during transit. Custom crating, bracing, and cushioning may be required to protect sensitive components from shocks and vibrations.

Specialised Equipment: Depending on the load size and weight, specialised transportation such as extendable step frame low loaders (open and covered), cranes, forklifts, and rigging systems are used to load, transport, and unload the consignment safely.

Permits and Regulations: Oversized or overweight loads often require special permits and compliance with transportation regulations. Factory Plant Projects are well-versed in navigating these legal requirements.

Safety Protocols: Adhering to strict safety protocols is paramount. This includes proper load security, regular inspections of vehicles, and compliance with traffic and transportation regulations.

Communication: Effective communication between all parties involved—transporters, clients, and relevant authorities—is essential for a smooth and coordinated transportation process.

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What are the benefits of
managed transportation
services from Factory Plant?

Safety and Protection: Factory Plant Projects have the expertise to safely handle delicate, heavy, or complex machinery. Our experience minimises the risk of damage during transit.

Efficiency: FPP are well-versed in optimising transportation routes and schedules to minimise delays and ensure timely delivery.

Equipment Integrity: Proper packaging, securing, and handling guarantee that loads arrive at their destination in the same condition as it was loaded.

Reduced Downtime: Timely transportation helps businesses reduce production downtime associated with equipment relocation or upgrades.

Cost-Effective: While there's a cost associated with professional transportation services, it often proves cost-effective when compared to potential damages, delays, and other risks that can arise from improper transportation.

Revolutionising Machinery Transportation Services


In the dynamic world of industrial logistics, the transportation of heavy machinery stands as a critical task. Factory Plant emerges as a beacon of excellence in providing robust machinery transportation services. This article explores the exceptional offerings of Factory Plant, showcasing how they redefine the standards of machinery transportation.

Understanding Machinery Transportation Services

Machinery transportation involves the safe and efficient movement of heavy industrial equipment from one location to another. It's a specialised service that demands expertise, precision, and the right equipment. Factory Plant excels in this arena, offering bespoke transportation solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of each client.

Why Factory Plant is Your Ideal Machinery Transportation Partner

Comprehensive Transportation Solutions

Factory Plant offers an extensive range of machinery transportation services. Whether it's relocating entire factories, moving single units of heavy machinery, or delivering delicate equipment, their solutions are designed to meet diverse needs.

State-of-the-Art Fleet

Our fleet is equipped with modern vehicles and trailers capable of handling all types of machinery, regardless of size, shape, or weight. This versatility ensures that Factory Plant can accommodate a wide array of transportation requirements.

Expert Team

Factory Plant prides itself on its team of skilled professionals. Their drivers, logistics coordinators, and support staff possess deep industry knowledge and are trained to handle complex machinery with utmost care.

Customised and Efficient Logistics Planning

Understanding that each machinery transportation project is unique, Factory Plant offers customised logistics planning. This tailored approach guarantees efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.

Benefits of Choosing Factory Plant for Machinery Transportation

Reliability and Efficiency:

With a focus on timely deliveries and efficient logistics, Factory Plant ensures that your machinery reaches its destination safely and on schedule.

Safety First Approach:

Their stringent safety protocols protect your valuable machinery during transit.

Customised Solutions:

Factory Plant's ability to tailor services to individual client needs sets them apart, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transportation experience.

Nationwide Coverage:

Offering services across the UK, they provide a seamless transportation experience regardless of your location.

Competitive Pricing:

Combining quality with affordability, Factory Plant offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on service excellence.


Factory Plant stands out as a leader in machinery transportation services. Their commitment to safety, combined with a fleet of modern vehicles and a team of experts, ensures that they can meet and exceed the demands of any machinery transportation project. For businesses seeking a reliable, efficient, and safe transportation partner, Factory Plant is the go-to choice.