Industries we work with

Factory Plant Projects has been actively engaged in numerous projects that span a diverse spectrum of industries. With a proven track record of versatility and adaptability, our team has lent its expertise to a wide array of sectors, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation.


Factory Plant collaborates with diverse applications within the aerospace sector, primarily specializing in the relocation of 5-axis CNC machines, VMC machines, as well as cutting and grinding equipment.

Despite sometimes reaching weights of up to 30,000 kilograms, these machines typically function as standalones. Factory Plant excels in providing comprehensive turnkey operations, even when dismantling is necessary.


At Factory Plant Projects, we understand the unique needs of foundries and provide tailored solutions that combine efficiency, safety, and compliance to facilitate your operations seamlessly.

At Factory Plant Projects, we're dedicated to enhancing your operational efficiency and success. Our commitment to excellence and compliance sets us apart, making us your trusted partner for all your industrial needs.


Factory Plant collaborates with a multitude of companies in this sector, ranging from OEMs to both first and second-tier suppliers, as well as third-tier suppliers who provide essential raw materials to bolster their operations. Situated strategically in the Midlands, the epicenter of automotive manufacturing for a significant span of time, Factory Plant was established as millwrights with the primary objective of bolstering and serving the industry.

Printing & Textile

Among the services provided by Factory Plant is the relocation of an array of industrial machinery. This includes large-scale printing presses, versatile labeling machines, precise screen printing setups, efficient offset printing machinery, specialised heat press equipment, as well as intricate weaving machines.

Our meticulous approach, combined with industry-specific knowledge, ensures that every relocation is executed seamlessly, minimising downtime and ensuring the continuity of your operations.

 Research and Development

Factory Plant has collaborated extensively with various independent enterprises, but moving equipment within colleges and universities proves to be particularly intricate. This complexity arises from the unique architectural layouts intended for student use. The range of equipment handled encompasses autoclaves, CMM machines, tensile testers, ovens, tempering units, heat exchanges, ceramics, and an array of other items, showcasing the limitless diversity.


Within the realm of healthcare facilities, Factory Plant Projects has undertaken a multitude of projects, ranging from comprehensive strip-outs and subsequent rebuilds of incinerator plants to the meticulous handling of substantial and intricate air conditioning systems, MRI scanner installations, ongoing maintenance, and secure storage of medical equipment. Our extensive experience within hospitals showcases our capability to navigate the unique challenges posed by these critical environments. We have successfully executed tasks that require both precision and adaptability.