AB InBev – Magor

Factory Plant Projects Were Appointed As The Lifting Contractor For The Biggest Brewery Tank Installation Since The 1960s.

Factory Plant Projects were entrusted with the role of the lifting contractor for a significant brewery tank installation, marking the most substantial project of its kind since the 1960s. The paramount objective for FPP encompassed meticulous coordination of tank components to ensure seamless alignment with the construction schedule, avoiding any potential delays in the build program.

Given the spatial constraints on-site, FPP played a pivotal role in collaborating with the construction team, ensuring a consistent provision of lift and shift support throughout the project’s lifecycle. Through strategic engagement with our network of proficient subcontractors, FPP adeptly employed specialized Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) for the conveyance of fully assembled tank sections from the on-site assembly area to the designated installation entablature.

FPP provided a full contract lift solution for our esteemed client. Our adept utilization of heavy cranage enabled us to execute lifts with a maximum weight of 28,450kg, at an impressive radius of 31.0m.
The intricate nature of the tank construction process necessitated a unique approach: the assembly of conical sections in an inverted orientation. Within the scope of the installation, FPP meticulously planned and executed a tandem lift for the rotation of the conical sections, facilitated by our proficient lifting supervisors. Clear and constant communication was upheld, facilitating the seamless rotation and precise positioning of all eight conical tank sections within the designated tank entablature.

Consistent with our methodology, FPP replicated the successful approach in conveying the eight tank shells to the installation entablature. Each tank shell was supported during the fastening to the conical section, ensuring the precision alignment essential for the overall installation.
The project’s completion stands as a testament to FPP’s unwavering commitment to delivering complex endeavours with utmost professionalism and precision, ultimately contributing to the successful realization of our client’s vision.

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