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Case studies

As almost every job is uniquely different from all others and whether the task is large or small we always
follow the process of gathering all ‘need to know information’ to develop a safe system of work for carrying out the task.

Factory Plant Abnormal Load Moving

Mondelez – Boiler House

During a recent project aimed at upgrading the Boiler house at the Mondelez Marlbrook site, Factory Plant Projects executed a comprehensive turnkey removal and installation operation.FPP’s approach entailed a strategic combination of Versa-lifts and hydraulic jacking and skating equipment to meticulously remove the obsolete 40-tonne boilers. A full contract lift was executed by FPP for…

Factory Plant Projects - Micro Brewery

Micro-Brewery Projects

FPP has successfully executed projects for numerous microbreweries across the United Kingdom. Our track record demonstrates our proficiency in operating within constricted access areas while maintaining a steadfast commitment to accommodating the budgetary considerations inherent to the brewing industry. Leveraging our diverse array of lifting machinery and equipment, FPP is adept at performing tasks within…

Factory Plant Project - Specialist Lifting Equipment

Merrion Street – Leeds

Factory Plant Projects executed a plant room tank installation on a bustling construction site in Leeds. Collaborating closely with the principal contractor and our client, FPP adeptly orchestrated the seamless transportation of the tanks across the site to the designated plant room wall opening. Utilising compact package gantries, FPP skilfully conveyed the tanks through a…

Camerons Brewery

In collaboration with a highly esteemed and long-standing customer, FPP successfully executed the installation of the new De-Alc plant at Camerons Brewery. This project constituted a pivotal component within a broader on-site program. FPP meticulously adhered to a rigorous delivery and offloading schedule, methodically placing equipment to an on-site holding area before precisely selecting and…

APS – The Royal Mint

FPP was contracted to conduct the lifting operations for a state-of-the-art precious metal recycling facility. Leveraging the capabilities of the electric pick & carry crane, FPP executed a diverse range of lifts, navigating through various height and width constraints. As the project advanced, these constraints intensified, highlighting the remarkable manoeuvrability of the JMG MC160 crane….

Accles & Pollock

FPP was selected as the designated contractor entrusted with carrying out the intricate task of a staged relocation of our client’s equipment, all while sustaining uninterrupted operational continuity. In the pursuit of this objective, FPP harnessed the capabilities of their compact pick & carry crane, tailored for the complexities of dynamic working environments. This specialized…

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