HSBC Chiller Packs

FPP Carry Out A Chiller Pack Replacement At A Sensitive Data Centre In Tankersley

The task of removing and replacing 2 chiller packs each weighing 8,000kg was the order of the day at a sensitive HSBC Data centre.

The plant room is located in the basement of the data centre and accessed via a ramped access gangway and to add a further challenge the gangway floor is finished in ceramic tiles.

Working for our client Dornan Engineering Services one of our lift and shift teams with jacking and skating equipment were engaged on this operation.

Polyethylene ‘Track Mats’ were firstly installed to act as tile protection.

Each chiller was then negotiated up and down the ramp utilising anchored tirfor winches to act as motive force and load control for each chiller on the ramp.

To complete the service the offloading and loading of each chiller pack was undertaken utilising one of our hiab crane mounted vehicles.

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