Our Services

Seamless solutions for all of your factory or plant requirements! From Machine Relocation and Installation, Managed Contract Lifting, Industrial Storage and Freight Forwarding, Machinery Transportation and Machinery and Plant Disposals.

Machine Relocation & Installation

From our fully equipped site in the West Midlands. FPP offers excellent services for relocating your machinery safely and efficiently. Our fleet includes lifting equipment ranging from compact gantry lift systems, versa lift rigging trucks, remote hiabs, pick and carry cranes and fully equipped site vehicles.

Managed Contract Lifting

Factory Plant Projects supply fully managed and planned contract lift services across the UK. Our appointed persons will provide CAD lift plans, method statements and risk assessments to enable works to be carried out with full compliance and to the highest standards. Our experienced work force includes qualified appointed persons, lift supervisors, slinger banksman and MEWPS operators.

Transportation & Logistics

Quite often the services we carry out also require specialised transport as an essential ingredient and to this end, we have our own STGO Category 2 HGV’s with multiple trailer types and lorry loader crane vehicles. This way the nightmare of ‘no show’ or ‘late arrival’ vehicles are eliminated when ordered as part of ‘your plan’ as they are directly under our own control.

We are also available to offer a Nationwide ‘transportation only’ service should this be your wish. We are able to supply Load Notification orders (wide, heavy, and high) to facilitate the nationwide movement of abnormal loads. This may, where necessary, include escort assistance, which we can provide.

Industrial Storage, Export Packing & Freight Forwarding

If you’re in the process of relocating your factory or plant and need some equipment to be stored temporarily, it’s essential to work with a company who are reliable and versatile. At Factory Plant Projects, our experienced staff are trained to handle all kinds of specialist industrial machinery and store it securely. We quite often find that project dates for installation do not always tie in with equipment supplier ‘delivery’ dates and to this end, our storage service can be an invaluable asset to receive and hold the equipment before installation or on-carriage to its’ new destination with our transport and logistics services.

Machinery & Plant Disposals

Factory Plant Projects is a certified upper tier waste carrier and dealer, operating in compliance with the Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011. Our expertise lies in managing machinery plant disposals, ensuring that outdated, damaged, or obsolete equipment is handled and disposed of responsibly. With our certification, we adhere to the regulatory standards outlined in the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 2011, demonstrating our commitment to environmentally sound practices and proper waste management.